I’d like to be indulgent for a moment, and write about something other than writing or my novels. A year ago I had what they call a ‘serious myocardial event,’ that is a major heart attack. During my time in hospital I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and told that unless I had major, and very risky, surgery that I would die very shortly, or maybe I wouldn’t. They couldn’t say for sure, but I should have the surgery anyway just in case. For certain if I didn’t, I would experience limitations in my physical abilities, as my heart simply couldn’t pump what it needed for physical activities, if not just keel over and die.

After much discussion with my beloved and much soul-searching, I decided against the surgery. The odds did not look good, and we decided that it would be better for me to spend my last days with my beloved in the home we had made together than in a hospital.

As I said, that was a year ago, and well it looks like I’m still here. I’m very glad for that. Very glad. Every day has been a gift. I have grown stronger, and even though I still cannot do many things I used to do, the aid of many, many, friends and my beloved one has made it possible for me to enjoy this beautiful world. I’ve seen my first novel come to print, and am busy writing more. If I have learned anything it is that the power of love can work miracles if you let it.

So, if anyone tells you cannot do something, listen to your dreams. No one really knows how much time any of us have here,so make the most of it and dream big! Me, I intend to keep climbing the tree of life like the curious monkey I am.

Raven Bond – Strong Magic on kindle
Mystery and Magic in the Age of Steam
Published by Impish Press

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