Norwescon musings

And another exciting Norwescon is past. Today is a day for pj’s, slippers and ease. Besides seeing our wonderful friends, one of the best things about the Con is that you get to talk with, and meet, others walking a similar path. It was very motivating to me to find out that others whose opinion I respect liked Strong Magic. They also share a similar view of genre writing, which is that my aim as writer is to create stories that the reader can curl up with a cup of hot coca and have a good evening. Someone called my writing ‘pulpy’ which is high praise for me. I think that pulp fiction rather it be the Iliad or Doc Savage, are the inheritors of the storytellers in the market. The ones who tell of uncommon courage by common people, of magic and wonders, of the dreamers and doers. I aim to write in that 1930’s style that is filled with wonder and magic, rather it be fireballs from a wand or Tesla powered airships. There’s too little of those tales in the world today despite all the wonders that are all around us. It was good to share that yearning for wonder with other dreamers and doers. Continue reading

Norwescon Day One

Here I am at the Northwest’s largest science fiction convention.
There are fabulous tracks for anyone interested in the writing professions, from composing fiction to entering publishing. I was fortunate enough to be chosen to participate in the writers workshop one year. I learned an incredible amount from the authors who were kind enough to volunteer their time. This year, I am promoting my novel, Strong Magic, and catching up with friends. Hope to see some of you here.