Cruise Day 4

Greetings from Juneau Alaska, the last frontier! We are now at dock in the lovely city of Juneau, where it is raining and icy cold outside. The past three days have been relaxing at sea, where the internet connection has been both expensive and uncertain. While I missed disembarking at Skagway, I didn’t want to miss Juneau as well so I got off the boat and wandered around a bit. A friend suggested that I had to see the Red Dog Saloon, so I caught a ride into town to see this landmark.
I have to admit, the Red Dog did not disappoint as far as frontier ketch goes. Beyond swinging red saloon doors, the inside floor was covered in sawdust almost ankle-deep with pride of place given to a moose head on the wall and the picture of a revolver left by ‘the notorious gunfighter, Wyatt Earp’ over the bar. The drinks were generous and the staff friendly. One could almost feel that you were fresh off the boat ready to indulge in one last taste of ‘civilization’ before heading off to the gold fields to seek your fortune. Almost.
Personally, I was glad to return to the ship, its warmth and lights indicating a level of comfort that this writer wouldn’t want to be without. I guess I’m not made of the stuff of frontiers except in dreams. Tomorrow we return to sea, making our way back home again. May the dreams of your frontiers always come true dear readers. Adieu for now.

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