The Unsung joys of being a writer part 2

ARCGreetings Gentle Readers,

If you remember, when last we left , I was slogging through the proofs of my soon-to-be-printed novel Wind Dancer, while also dealing with an unpleasant case of this weird bug that is going around the Puget Sound. Tonight, there comes a knock at the door and a shining, bouncing, baby Advance Reading Copy is left on my doorstep. It looks beautiful.  I am sure that to other authors this is old hat, I confess that even though I have two other novels published, I am old-fashioned enough that  holding my first print-copy  book is,  well, let’s just say  I am over the moon! Suddenly, it all seems very real. You will be able to buy a print copy on Amazon within the next couple of weeks, so they tell me. You can get a digital copy from Amazon now.

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the unsung joys of being a writer

Wind Dancer proofsSee these? Those pages are called  galley proofs, or uncorrected proofs in this digital age, and are one of the final stages before your work is printed. After spending many hours going over these pages for any errors in spelling and grammar, as well as errors in print style and composition, these pages are then submitted electronically to be bound with a cover into the penultimate version called an advance reading copy, which must then be approved by both the author and the publisher before being printed for distribution.

This is also the very last point at which you, as the author,  get to correct any mistakes you find in the manuscript. Even if you have done all this before for a digital version, you must do it again,  because mistakes cost money and time in printing, and make everyone very unhappy. So no pressure on this.  They also marks an important milestone for any author, as it means that your work is going to be turned into that ancient holiest-of-holies, a printed book. So, I am very excited for Wind Dancer all over again!

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Wind Dancer to have a hard copy edition!

The first volume of my new steampunk series, Wind Dancer will  be available in a hard copy book edition from Impish Press. It will be available  on  Amazon in just a few weeks. This is especially exciting for all those of you who have said that they want a hard copy to hold in their hands. You should get ready because this is your chance to own your own copy! If you would like to receive a free sample of the first chapter of Wind Dancer in digital form, as well as announcements as to when you can get the hard copy edition,  please sign up for my newsletter here!

For those of you  who read digital versions, you don’t need to own a kindle, Amazon has a nifty free reader app that will let you read from a variety of  devices.   You can still order yours below. Please enjoy, and leave me a response on what you thought of it. I love to hear from readers!


Greetings gentle readers! Today is my birthday, a special marking of the day  actually did not occur in every culture and in every time I have found through my research interestingly enough. Our current understanding of the day seems to have come from the ancient Roman culture as so much of our modern Western culture does.
In ancient Rome, on this day the birthday person would stand at their household altar and light a candle to their spirit/soul, which the Romans called after the Greek idea of the Daemon. The purpose of the ceremony was to speak with our Spirit to seek renewal and guidance. Then there would be cake. I think that this is a great custom and plan to follow it!

I am currently reflecting on everything the past year has given me, and must say that I feel so blessed. Thank you all so much for all the support that you have given me in buying and enjoying my novels. I couldn’t do this without you. Thank you.

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Writing Musings

Greetings gentle reader,

I have decided that this series has grown from not only musing about my Nanowrimo experience but to writing in general, especially fiction writing. Having just had a novel published on Amazon, The Wind Dancer, which is shown below, I have a few insights I’d like to share.

First though, a serious question. Why are you writing? This answer can change over time, and in my mind there is no ‘right’ answer. In fact, most authors I know have a bunch of reasons they write, sometimes even contradicting ones .The reason I ask is because one of the reasons I write is to share what I think is a cool something. It can be a character, an idea. whatever. The point is to share. And in our modern world that means publishing, rather it be by blog or novel.

I’ve heard people say that writing fiction, especially novels is just too hard, and the money isn’t that great for what you have to do,  which in my experience is true.  Personally though, I love writing fiction, as I’m writing what I want to read. I always start with ‘wouldn’t it be cool if…’ and take it from there. If others share in my enjoyment, than that doubles it. The hard part for me isn’t the writing, it’s the editing, and all the work that leads up to it being published. I keep improving on the work, because I want to present as close as I can the perfect story, and will work a long time at it, *knowing* that it will never be perfect. Crazy, I know. Still to my mind that is what this storytelling stuff is all about. Telling a story that will make others go ‘gee!’

In my experience,  knowing the answer to why you write is the one thing that will always see you through the hard parts of the process. Say, wouldn’t it be cool if…


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