The Unsung joys of being a writer part 2

ARCGreetings Gentle Readers,

If you remember, when last we left , I was slogging through the proofs of my soon-to-be-printed novel Wind Dancer, while also dealing with an unpleasant case of this weird bug that is going around the Puget Sound. Tonight, there comes a knock at the door and a shining, bouncing, baby Advance Reading Copy is left on my doorstep. It looks beautiful.  I am sure that to other authors this is old hat, I confess that even though I have two other novels published, I am old-fashioned enough that  holding my first print-copy  book is,  well, let’s just say  I am over the moon! Suddenly, it all seems very real. You will be able to buy a print copy on Amazon within the next couple of weeks, so they tell me. You can get a digital copy from Amazon now.

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