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Greetings gentle readers,

I hope that you enjoyed the free Owen Strong novel. The new novel of the adventures of Owen and Jinhao is now live on amazon at a special introductory price of $3.99 US. Get it here:

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Greetings Gentle Readers,

In celebration of the release of Strong Justice, the next volume of the Owen Strong Steampunk Magica Series on Friday,  the first volume Strong Adept, will be free to download on Amazon US starting tomorrow, but only for 48 hours! So get one for yourself, and a copy for a friend. Spread the word!

The Return of Owen Strong and Jinhao

Guess what I’ve been doing? Editing the Galley proofs for the next Owen Strong novel, Strong Justice. With any luck, the final will be available for you to purchase in a couple of weeks at most.

Strong Justice will mark the return of our heroes Owen Strong and the enigmatic  Jinhao in their eldritch Hong Kong, where Magic is very much a part of the world and the city is ruled by a Dragon. Of course, there’s a murder to be solved as well. *smiles*


I have found that writers tend to describe themselves as either outliners or ‘pantsers’. Outliners are much as the word says: they are people who make an outline of what they are going to write, and then fill in as they go. ‘Pantsers’ is short for ‘seat of the pants’ writers, those who simply sit down and write, trusting that the process of writing will yield something good. I find in my writing process that I am something of a hybrid.

What motivates me to start is having a great idea usually something along the lines of ‘hey wouldn’t it be neat…’ This causes me to sit down and actually write. Sometimes it’s a character who says, “Hi there, what to hear about my world and my life?” Sometimes it’s both.  It’s an exciting time, sometimes literally an adventure where I find out what the idea is or who this person is.  Then comes the time period of ‘oh my Ghod what am I going to do with this mess?’ That’s when I sit and stare at the walls for hours and then make outlines like crazy. Rinse, repeat.

I am currently in such a state now where I am re-writing the scenes of the next Secret Wars book, Alien Devices. The first volume, Wind Dancer, has done very well thanks to all of you. Will, Saira, Abigail, and the rest of the crew of the Airship Wind Dancer, have all told me the story so far from their points of view, and now I get to turn that all into something that readable. Here I could use some help in staying motivated.

If you’ve read Wind Dancer, please post a short review of it, either on or and then let me know to go find it. It doesn’t have to be a polished scholarly work, just that you liked it (or not) and click the stars rating.

If you haven’t read it yet, you should! It’s the start o f a great series of thrilling adventures of mercenary airship privateers, grand conspiracies, and alien invasions. If you sign up for my newsletter  you can get the first chapter for free!

You can get it the whole book here in either digital or paperback versions:



Lenard Nimoy

By now, the entire blogosphere is aware of the passing of the great actor who brought to life the Star Trek character of  Spock. Anything that I might say about him has surely been said better, this is merely my own perspective on it all.

One of those writers I believe said it best: “If you want to know what all the outcry on the net is about, realize that every geek just lost one of their favorite grandparents.”  True, and yet Nimoy’s portrayal of Spock meant so much more to me.

Imagine if you will the effect of seeing every week on TV  a green-skinned half-human, half-alien had on a little dark-skinned  half-Indian, half-white boy growing up in the United States. Not only was the half-breed in the second banana ‘Tonto’ role much more dignified than the lead, he was the one who was always pointing out the right thing to do (being the science officer). Also, he was Commander Spock, second-in-command of the whole frackin’ ship. The effect was powerful let me tell you. Now the spaceman has gone home.


No matter who was giving Spock attitude about his heritage, he would just raise an eyebrow and simply say, “Very illogical”. Yeah. I adopted that stance as a kid. Still, to this day, when someone gives me attitude over my heritage, the first thing that whispers in my ear is Spock’s voice. “Highly illogical”. Thank you Mr. Nimoy.