Lenard Nimoy

By now, the entire blogosphere is aware of the passing of the great actor who brought to life the Star Trek character of  Spock. Anything that I might say about him has surely been said better, this is merely my own perspective on it all.

One of those writers I believe said it best: “If you want to know what all the outcry on the net is about, realize that every geek just lost one of their favorite grandparents.”  True, and yet Nimoy’s portrayal of Spock meant so much more to me.

Imagine if you will the effect of seeing every week on TV  a green-skinned half-human, half-alien had on a little dark-skinned  half-Indian, half-white boy growing up in the United States. Not only was the half-breed in the second banana ‘Tonto’ role much more dignified than the lead, he was the one who was always pointing out the right thing to do (being the science officer). Also, he was Commander Spock, second-in-command of the whole frackin’ ship. The effect was powerful let me tell you. Now the spaceman has gone home.


No matter who was giving Spock attitude about his heritage, he would just raise an eyebrow and simply say, “Very illogical”. Yeah. I adopted that stance as a kid. Still, to this day, when someone gives me attitude over my heritage, the first thing that whispers in my ear is Spock’s voice. “Highly illogical”. Thank you Mr. Nimoy.


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