Hello Gentle Reader,

Well July certainly was a month.  Besides getting the first Steampunk Magia omnibus of three Owen Strong and Jinhao novels published. I also was a guest reader at GearCon in Portland OR. It was my first GearCon.  Stephen and his staff were both very helpful and very professional to a bewildered author far from home. Thank you everyone, I look forward to next year!

On a more personal note, we managed to finally get the side yard at our home  turned into a courtyard with red brick paving, a large table and chairs with a big sun umbrella. As long as the weather holds good, I’ll be spending most of my days out here. If you’ve ever lived in the Pacific Northwest, you know exactly how rare it is that we can hang in the sunshine. I intend to enjoy it while I can.

If you haven’t yet, I want to remind you that the collection of three Owen Strong novels in one volume, entitled Strong Mystery, is available through Amazon as either a digital or a physical trade paperback here:


If you have bought it already, my deepest thanks. If you could please find a moment to review it on either Amazon, or the Goodreads site, consider the thanks doubled. I also love to hear from you– what you liked as well as what you didn’t like in the stories is incredibly valuable to me.

Until next time!