Ok, it’s been a week since the U.S. elections. I usually don’t make political posts, I mostly want to sell my books, but the times call for it, I think.  I’ve wanted to just sit with the notion that Trump was declared the winner for awhile. I have heard the wailing of my friends going on about how terrible it is that Trump got elected, and that this shows that American liberals are living in a bubble and need to pay attention to the ‘Good People ™’ of the Midwest.  You know, the salt of the earth types who ‘won it for Trump.’ First off, I grew up in the Midwest, and it’s not the ‘liberals’ who are in a bubble, it’s those ‘Good People™,’ the Left wants to emulate.

Want an example? In my little town, everyone was Caucasian except one family, who were mixed Indian and Mexican. They were Good People ™ too; everyone who knew them knew that.  The man worked for the town, and the children were all clean and well behaved. I was another mixed child, but I was also Good People™ because everyone knew my maternal family, and well, *it* happened in the best of families, didn’t it?  I was told many times how lucky I was that my Caucasian step-father accepted me, the strange little dark-haired and dark complexioned kid. No, the trouble came when a true outsider family came to live there. They were white which was good, but they were—Catholic, which was an unknown. People didn’t know if they would be Good People ™ or not. Keep in mind, that the denizens of my little town would not call themselves ‘racist’ or ‘bigoted.’ Hell, just look at how they allowed their children to play with the Catholic children before they knew they were Good People ™, and they let me and Lupe buy at the local stores didn’t they? How dare you call them racist?

But they don’t want Black people moving into town.  The TV says that they are all thieves and rappers, and who needs that?  They don’t want people with odd religions moving in either. I mean, the Catholics turned out ok, but You Never Know. Ah yes, when confronted with the uncomfortable or the unknown the Good People ™ of my little town wag their heads wisely, and say ‘Well, You Never Know.’  Code phrases for “iffy’, ‘let it be’ or “bury it, but let’s not talk about it.’

These are the people who voted for Trump.  These people are not ‘rednecks’ or ‘evil’; they just live in a bubble, a comfortable one. No, the evil ones are the carnival barkers who nod right back and say, “Yep, You Never Know! Give me $20.00, and I’ll make you safe from that Stranger over there!” thereby making the towns people’s worst fears true, and, incidentally getting them to dig for that $20 bill. These evil people are selling their fear back to them, claiming that only they will make the world safe for the denizens of my little town, thus getting rich off it. Now they’re getting elected off it.

I guess I hold to the values that I learned from my little Midwest town. That everyone deserves the right to live and love as they want to, provided it hurts no one else.  That one has the right to make a decent livelihood, and think about God however they want to. Those values that make me a ‘liberal’ outside the Midwest Bubble.  

I grew up with those Trump voters, and am certain that when those Good People ™ find out that the carnival barkers that are screaming “Fear your neighbor’ do not have the answers to keep them truly safe and prosperous, the Good People™ will be Pissed Off. Much like the protesters on my street right now. The ones chanting ‘Not my President.’ You see, I don’t think that what has the protesters angry is Trump, the man, so much as what he says and does. The carnival barker routine, the one that divides people, degrades them and makes them scared.  Granted, it has made him and his cronies very rich and very successful.  Now, though, that said Trumpster and company are in the wheelhouse of government, all I can say is that they need to change their tune real fast.  Or Well, You Never Know.




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