I have always been interested in the fantastical, the otherworldly, and what might have been. From an early age, history has intrigued me, and I always felt at home with figures from the distant past. My love of science and speculative fiction began with the misfiling of Robert A Heinlein’s Have Space Suit Will Travel in the children’s section of the local library. This started a lifetime love affair with science fiction and fantasy novels.

Along the way I have worked at diverse trades such as farm hand, bodyguard, call center tech support, tarot reader, traveler, and herder of cats. For the last few years, I have run a practice as a counselor and hypnotherapist.

This is the best place to find news about upcoming projects from Raven Bond, as well more about the current work, the Owen Strong series. You’ll also find background information on Strong’s alternate world. Shortly, you will also find a couple of short stories set in the same universe.

Please drop a comment if you would like to receive more news about the sequel to Strong Magic and other works.

I would love to hear from you, and will respond as I’m able. Welcome to my worlds.

My first novel: Strong Magic on kindle
Mystery and Magic in the Age of Steam
Published by Impish Press

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