Strong Magic

Hey! My book Strong Magic has made it onto the Amazon recommended reads list for Science Fiction and Fantasy! Whoo-hoo! Thank you to everyone who has bought it, reviewed it, and been so supportive! The second novel in the series is coming, but if you haven’t gotten the first yet, you can find it here:

Beginning as an author

As a kid, I always wanted to be an astronaut. To explore strange new worlds and civilizations… You can see where this is coming from. The space race was on, the arms race was not far beyond, and nearly anything seemed possible.

When I reached college, I knew I was not ‘actually’ going to become an astronaut, but it did not stop me wishing and believing in what was currently beyond my reach.

Many of my friends became authors, and I found myself in their collective company for more than one rollicking good conversation about writing. And I came to feel it was something I could do as well. Life, as they say, intervened for some things for which I have no regrets, bringing us to the 90’s and a small press publication called Shadowplay ( I wrote a regular column called News of Pagan Interest, which taught me much about writing, and how to work with editors and publishers. In time, I became one of the editors of the magazine, met and married the founder, not necessarily in that order.

My subsequent adventures in writing included two anthologies from Circlet Press, one a Steampunk Erotica collection called “Like a Corset Undone”, where my short story Skydancer appears. The other anthology was Queer Punk, and the short story was called The Real Thing.  Subsequently, I was accepted into the Northwest Writers Workshop at Norwescon in their novel category. The workshop was a great experience, and I have much gratitude for the generosity of the authors who volunteer their time for it.

I am currently working on two separate series. Books from both series will be published by Impish Press this year (2014).