The World of Owen Strong

The World of Owen Strong

Part I

A brief overview of history

The world of Owen Strong is both very like and very unlike our own. Historically the differences are easy to trace. The discovery and use of elemental powers are one of the biggest differences. While the discovery is lost in the depths of time, the first recorded uses are in First Dynasty Egypt and the civilizations of Sumer and later Babylon.

The principles of elemental use were well known by the time a young Alexander strode out to conquer the world. Unfortunately for him, the Persian sorcerers were much better than his Greek philosophers at battle magia and he died in defeat during his first campaign.

Learning from his mistakes, the Romans made allies of the Etruscan sorcerers, who quite rightly were seen as some of the best in the world, and marched forth conquering all accept, once again, the Persian Empire with whom the Romans made treaty and divided the world into spheres of influence. The Persians claimed south and east, which gave the hungry Romans Northern Europe, and the Northern coast of Africa, less where the Egyptian writ still ran. The Roman machine strode across Europe until they came to the small island across from Gaul which the natives called Brittania.

To the consternation of those learned in such things, it seems that the natives of Brittania proved not only stubborn to conquer, but surprisingly quick to adopt elemental manipulation on their own, supplementing the powers of their shamanic priesthood. For two hundred years the Romans ground against the inhabitants of Britannia never winning more than a few miles of land on the southeastern coast…

An alliance of Britons and northern Germanic tribes eventually overwhelmed the Western Roman Empire, although the victors were too diverse and quarrelsome to develop a lasting political entity. Western Europe entered a ‘Dark Age’ of fractious warlords and constant battling over the riches of the Empire that had been…

The British adopted many of the Roman conventions as is wont to happen with longtime foes, including their laws, as well as their scientific and elemental methods, including their calendar. The British Druids saw the value of a universal calendar to an expanding civilization, adopting wholesale the Roman system of dating their years AD and BM ‘year of our Lord’ for the Roman Mithras, and ‘before Mithras’.

Nearly two millennium after the fact, the system is still used, along with the calendars of the Han Chinese, and that of the Persians which measures years from the advent of Zoroaster. The Calendar of the Triple Alliance of Central America is shrouded in mystery by their priesthood who have hinted that it is central to their own highly effective sorcery both on the battlefield and off. The British system is used by agreement internationally, much as English is used as a common language between nations.

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3 thoughts on “The World of Owen Strong

  1. Nice touch that the western dating system in this world is dated from Mithras. Thanks for filling in some of the background. It’s not required to read the book but it’s invaluable for those of us who like backstory (and to know what’s going on in the author’s head.)

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